The University of Miami values diversity and providing opportunities for local, small, diverse, minority and women-owned companies to do business with us, with a focus on increasing bid opportunities and spend with underutilized minority businesses.

Our Supplier Diversity Policy was adopted in February 2021 and achieves an important milestone that symbolizes University of Miami's commitment to hold our business partners and ourselves accountable by expanding relationships and enriching economic inclusion for diverse and underutilized suppliers. The purpose of this policy is to ensure a diverse supply chain that will drive value, service, and quality in support of the University's mission to transform lives through education, research, innovation and service.

Policy highlights include:
  • Setting the foundation that allows UM leadership to set expectations and formalize the responsibility of all employees that directly or indirectly make purchasing decisions.
  • Intentionally prioritize opportunities and spend to underutilized minority business by establishing goals, tracking, reporting and accountability measures.
  • Establish change management strategies to educate the UM community, and diverse suppliers in partnership with local organizations.

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