About Supplier Diversity

For years, the University of Miami has worked with community partners to advance the utilization of women and minority suppliers in the University's procurement process. Recognizing the many challenges diversity suppliers face in attempting to meet the unique business and technology requirements of the University,  the Business Development Program was established. The idea was to create a connecting link between the University, minority, women owned and small business community.

Today, the Supplier Diversity Program is proud to expand on the wonderful work of the Business Development Program by renewing The University of Miami's commitment and goal of identifying quality suppliers that reflect the full diversity of our multicultural community. The Supplier Diversity Program will continue to seek out goods and services at the most reasonable price consistent with quality, delivery, and service, in addition to assisting suppliers in navigating the University's procurement process.

UM has launched a robust and comprehensive supplier diversity program in direct response to the University of Miami's Presidential Actions which call for the University to grow minority business participation, expand relationships and promote economic inclusion that supports diverse and underutilized suppliers while supporting innovation and competition in the marketplace.

To achieve these goals, we are investing in four key pillars:

  • Recruit – Our active outreach to identify Minority Business Enterprises (MBEs) to support our goods and service needs.
  • Engage & Develop – Connecting with MBEs to support growth and provide resources and tools to help businesses thrive at the University and beyond.
  • Opportunity – Increasing opportunities in purchasing bidding and spend.
  • Assess – Monitoring progress with our reporting and accountability tools.


Our Pursuit of Racial Justice

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